The Visit Monaco logo featured on the AS Monaco Football Club home shirt!

Publication date: 13/07/2023
Visit Monaco, the official brand of the Tourist and Convention Authority, will be visible on the front of the home shirt worn by the players of the Principality's football team during the 2023-2024 season! This partnership between two important Monegasque organisations aims to raise the Principality's profile as an attractive destination.

 The Principality is a country with a close relationship with elite sporting exploits, from Formula 1 to tennis, athletics, rallies, and of course football. Thrilling fans since 1924, with one of the most packed trophy cabinets of ny team competing in the French league and a regular participant in European competitions, AS Monaco and the sportswear brand Kappa recently unveiled the official home kit for the 2023-2024 season, made entirely from recycled materials. 

While the new shirt still features the iconic diagonal stripe inspired by Princess Grace in the 1960s, several additions have been made for the coming season.

The Monaco players will be wearing the "Visit Monaco" logo on the front of their shirts, after the Tourist & Convention Authority and AS Monaco Football Club teamed up for a partnership that makes sense on both a practical and an emotional level. The arrangement will help raise the Principality's already strong international profile even further.

It represents a natural step for the two Monegasque organisations, with the Tourist & Convention Authority's role to promote the Principality and its tourism industry around the world, and AS Monaco helping to make the country a sports powerhouse.  

In addition to the partnership designed to ensure greater visibility for Monaco, the ASM players will wear the club motto "Daghe Munegu" on the back of their collar, with the words "Rouge et Blanc" on the inside, emphasising the institution's unique identity.  

For decades, and particularly since H.S.H. Prince Albert II came to the throne in 2005, environmental protection has been a core concern for the Principality, and all stakeholders in the country are committed to sustainable development, including AS Monaco.

To reflect that commitment, the home kit is made entirely from 100% recycled polyester, ensuring this unique shirt meets sustainability and recycling criteria. The initiative is part of a wider environmentally responsible approach, in the same vein as the partnership with the Oceanographic Institute or the AS Monaco x Kappa shop obtaining recognition under the government's Responsible Trading certification scheme.

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